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04/27/17 Missouri Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers*
04/05/17 California Innocence Project at California Western School of Law
10/26/16 Montana Innocence Project
07/15/16 Cato Institute, Washington DC
06/15/16 Salt Lake Legal Defender Association/Utah Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers*
06/01/16 University of Missouri*
05/12/16 Minnesota Innocence Project
04/30/16 Montana Innocence Project*
04/28/16 Pediatric Justice Association, North Carolina
04/26/16 Virginia Innocence Project at UVA School of Law
04/25/16 Pediatric Accountability in Central Illinois/Illinois Innocence Project
04/15/16 – 04/21/16 Laemmle’s Music Hall, Los Angeles
04/15/16 – 04/21/16 Cinema Village, NYC
04/01/16 Ohio Innocence Project – Ohio University**
03/31/16 Ohio Innocence Project – John Carroll University**
03/30/16 Ohio Innocence Project – Ohio State University**
03/29/16 Ohio Innocence Project – University of Dayton**
03/29/16 Ohio Innocence Project – Xavier University**
03/28/16 Ohio Innocence Project – University of Cincinnati**
03/03/16 West Virginia Law Review Symposium
02/29/16 Whirled Cinema, London UK
09/26/15 University of Arizona Law School conference “Reporting on science in the courtroom”
08/01/15 New Hope Film Festival
07/11/15 Long Island International Film Expo
06/28/15 Interrobang Film Festival
06/26/15 Interrobang Film Festival
06/01/15 Denver Film Society
05/09/15 Black Hills Film Festival
04/30/15 Newport Beach Film Festival
04/18/15 Arizona International Film Festival
04/13/15 (In)Justice For All Film Festival
04/10/15 Cinema At The Edge Film Festival
03/03/15 Geneva Film Festival
03/07/15 Fargo Film Festival
10/25/14 Twin Cities Film Festival
10/24/14 Twin Cities Film Festival
10/18/14 New Hampshire Film Festival
10/12/14 Kansas International Film Festival

* for continuing legal education credit
**for continuing legal education credit in two states